I'm Speaking at SQLBits 2024!

I'm extremely proud to have been chosen to speak at SQLBits 2024! I've had some amazing times there in the past both as a speaker and volunteer, and am very happy to be returning to one of the World's biggest and best data conferences. If you're curious about why I love SQLBits so much, check out this previous post of mine.

This year SQLBits takes place from Tuesday 19 March through Saturday 23 March at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Center in Hampshire, UK. I have been very fortunate in that I have been chosen to deliver two sessions:

Relational or Not? Choosing the Best Database for the Task

Is your organization using the right type of database or is it just using what's already available? Relational databases are excellent tools that can solve many data problems...but not all of them. The exact same can be said for non-relational databases as well. So how does one make sure they're leveraging the database model that best addresses the project's needs and helps guarantee scalability and performance for years to come?

This session will showcase the strengths and weaknesses of both relational and non-relational databases with a particular focus on the best use cases for each. Attendees will see real-world examples of what they may - or may not - want to store in a particular database type, and why. Attend this session and leave with architecture skills necessary to make this determination early in the design phase and help set your team's next undertaking on the path to success!

Maximizing Database Performance With Isolation Levels

Databases have long been able to process queries from multiple users concurrently, but managing processes that can lock and block each other is no simple feat! This session will explain the isolation levels supported by Azure SQL Database and SQL Server, how they work, and how they differ. Multiple demonstrations will also show how changing isolation levels can affect not only query performance, but also determine which rows are (or are not) returned in the result set. Attendees will learn how to choose the optimal isolation level for a workload, and will see how simple it can be to improve performance with the proper isolation setting.

Whether in the cloud or on premises, understanding database isolation levels can help relieve bottlenecks that no amount of query tuning or indexing can address. Attend this session and gain senior-level skills on how to maximize your database's ability to handle concurrent operations!

See You There!

If you are attending SQLBits and see me - please say hi! In addition to delivering my sessions I will also be a conference volunteer all week, so you're likely to find me in an orange shirt!