Presenting a Pre-Con at SQLBits 2019!

I was very fortunate to attend my first SQLBits last year, and wow was it an amazing time! Not just because it was in London either (though that was great too!) but because it is a tremendously well-organized conference with some incredible sessions and opportunities to network.

This year I not only get to return, but am honored to be presenting a pre-conference session with David Klee!

Sound great already? Register here!

SQLBits has many excellent pre-conference choices this year, but I think you will find ours particularly useful because we're focused on cloud infrastructure. Infrastructure still matters, and yes it matters in the cloud too! Poor infrastructure choices can lead to poor performance, but in the cloud they can also lead to a much higher bill! Here's the abstract:

While your on-premises infrastructure is likely maintained by another team, in the cloud this responsibility falls on you. Whether your organisation is just planning for the cloud, all-in, or leveraging a hybrid architecture, this course is designed to ramp you up on maximizing your investment in the cloud components that you utilize. Infrastructure skills are essential when managing your environment in the cloud. Knowledge is power; key items such as firewalls and connectivity, storage presentation and performance, baselining, and even platform selection are all necessary areas of concern. Capacity management is also crucial, as the old ways of “throwing hardware” at a performance problem will translate into a larger bill each month. Attend this session to learn how to efficiently manage cloud resources, set yourself apart from your peers, improve the performance of your mission-critical workloads,and potentially save your employer money!

We really hope to see you there!