Speaking at DataGrillen 2024!

Bratwurst on a grill
There are a few community events that I really and truly love, and will try to return to whenever possible. One of them is DataGrillen, and I'm very honored to be heading back there next week!

If you haven't heard of DataGrillen, it's a combination of data conference and barbecue that takes place in Lingen, Germany. Lingen is a small, picturesque town that's a few hours from Amsterdam. The event is very casual, which I think really helps add to the community feel. Each speaker gets a beer when their session starts, and in past years the speaker "shirt" has actually been an apron - in keeping with the barbecue theme. In terms of food (which was excellent) there's also a huge BBQ party with all kinds of meats, sausages, salads, etc.

I'm very happy to be presenting this year on a topic near and dear to my heart: database isolation levels. I love this topic not only because it's fundamental to the relational engine, but also because it's vital whether you are running an Azure SQL offering in the cloud, or SQL Server on-premises.

All in all, DataGrillen is a very well-organized and tasty event attended by lots of wonderful people. There are many opportunities to connect with old friends, as well as making new ones. I'm super-excited for it, and hope to see some of you there!