Upload Directly to Azure Blob Storage Archive Tier with PowerShell

Last year I wrote about how to upload data to Azure Blob Storage Archive Tier, and included a PowerShell script to do so. It's something I use regularly, as I have hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos safely (and cheaply!) stored in Azure Blob Storage using Archive Tier.

Things Just Got Easier!

Microsoft recently announced some enhancements to Azure Archive storage, one of which is the ability to upload directly to the access tier of your choice. Previously, you could only upload objects to your account's default tier (hot or cool), and then had to change each object to your desired tier individually. The PowerShell script I shared last year did just this. Now you can upload objects directly to any tier, thanks to a new parameter in the Set-AzStorageBlobContent cmdlet.

I've updated my script to include this change, as well as switching it to use the newer Azure Powershell Az Module, which should help future-proof it for quite a while. You can find it in my GitHub. Happy uploading!