Speaking at 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview 2019!

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With PASS Summit 2019 quickly approaching, PASS is organizing a sneak peek at some of the sessions presented at Summit in a 24 Hours of PASS event coming up on September 10-11.

I'm very happy to be delivering a brand new session entitled Dipping Your Toes In: Azure Data Lake for DBAs. If you've worked with data or have DBA experience, but aren't really familiar with what a data lake is or how you would use it, this is the session for you!


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As a data professional, you know what data is, and hopefully know what a lake is too. But what's a Data Lake? This session covers the very basics of Azure Data Lake, and is geared towards those who are familiar with relational databases and also curious about other technologies. Topics covered will include Data Lake storage, security basics, and an introduction to U-SQL, Azure Data Lake's query language. We will finish up with architecture examples showing real-world use cases highlighting Azure Data Lake's strengths. Attend this session to see how Azure Data Lake can complement your existing relational database skills, and give you a great new tool in your data toolbox!

Join me on September 10-11!

My session takes place on September 10 2019 at 13:00 GMT. I hope to see you there, and maybe at some others as well – PASS has put together a great schedule! To stay up-to-date on this event and everything else PASS has to offer, follow @SQLPass on Twitter. 24 Hours of PASS registration is now open, register today!