Introducing PASS Summit Learning Pathways

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As an attendee, deciding which sessions to attend at conferences can be a daunting endeavor. With so many choices available and the impossibility of being able to attend every interesting session, it really can make sense to buy recordings if they are available.

One of the ways PASS is trying to help for Summit 2019 is by introducing Learning Pathways, which are curated sets of sessions designed to help attendees achieve a goal. Each pathway will consist of at least three sessions, presented by at least two different speakers. The pathways being offered in 2019 will be:

  • AI for Everyone – Understand the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, how they differ from machine learning and cognitive services, and how you can support AI in your organization.
  • Cloud Migration – Learn how to assess your environment and build a cloud migration plan that makes sense for your organization. Understand the resources that can help along the way.
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling – Determine the right visualization for different situations, and see how to craft meaningful stories with data.
  • Linux for SQL Server Professionals – Understand differences between Windows and Linux, and how to install, manage, and monitor SQL Server on Linux.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Find how to tailor your message for maximum impact and leverage communication skills into better work outcomes.
  • Data Security – Understand security vulnerabilities and how to mitigate risk, see how to ensure security throughout the development lifecycle, and learn how to track and audit database activity.
  • SQL Performance for Developers – Learn how to capture, review, and act on execution plans, and see how to improve schema and code design for performance improvement.
  • Technical Leadership – Learn what you need to grow as a leader, understand the balance and gaps between technical skills and management skills.
  • Modernizing with SQL Server 2019 – Understand new features, the steps necessary, and tools available to help migrate to SQL Server 2019, Azure SQL Database, or other cloud-based options.
  • Becoming an Azure Data Engineer – Learn what this relatively new role entails and the exciting new doors it can open for your career!

I think these pathways are a great idea, and one of my favorite aspects is that they will be scheduled in chronological order. Within each pathway, introductory sessions will take place before the more advanced ones so it will be easy to enhance your skillset with sessions that build upon each other.

I'm really excited for these learning pathways at PASS Summit this year, and I hope you are too. I can't wait to see you there!