PASS Summit Tip: Evening Events

PASS Summit is now approaching really quickly, so this will be my final tip for the year. I've mentioned in previous posts about the tremendous networking opportunities you will find at Summit, and I'm going to bring that up again, because I really feel it's that important.

There is a ton that goes on during the day at PASS Summit, and even more happening in the evenings. Once the sessions are done for the day, there are so many ways to meet and connect with people. You will find official PASS activities, like the v.20 Celebration (formerly the "Welcome Reception"), and the Exhibitor Reception. (Hint: These events involve food – at the very least you should stop by and grab a bite to eat!) You will also find official community hosted events such as game night, the networking dinner, SQL Karaoke, and the WIT Happy Hour, just to name a few.

And if all those official things aren't enough for you, you'll find many more unofficial events, which is my blanket term for "people just hanging out". One place you're almost guaranteed to find attendees at is the Tap House Grill, right near the Convention Center. But an even better way to figure out where people are at is Twitter! Really. If you don't have a Twitter account already, sign up now. Check the #PASSsummit or #sqlfamily hashtags, and see where people are at. If you see something that looks fun, go join them.

In short, please don't just go back to your hotel at the end of the day. There will be MANY fun things going on in the evenings – leverage them to meet new people and make new friends and connections. Some of my best friends are people that I've met randomly after-hours at PASS Summit, and I bet that can be true for you too. I really hope to see you out and about at Summit!

Karaoke Unicorn says: "Go out and meet people!"