Speaking at SQL Saturday Boston 2018!

I'm very happy to be returning to Boston this weekend to speak at SQL Saturday Boston 2018. I last attended a few years ago and have been wanting to get back there ever since, so I'm happy the cards fell into place this time around!

The organizers in Boston have put together an amazing schedule for the day that I'm really proud to be a part of. Check it out – they really have some top talent arranged on a wide variety of topics.

As for myself, I'll be presenting a classic session that I feel will always be relevant: backup and restore performance tuning. Yes, it really is possible to tune backup and restore jobs just like queries! Even if backup performance isn't necessarily important to your organization, I guarantee you that restore performance will be during an outage. If this sounds interesting to you, attend my demo-intensive session to see how these techniques can help you to save the day when seconds count!

To register for SQL Saturday Boston 2018, click here. I hope to see you there!