Presenting at SQL Saturday Madison 2017!

Spring is upon us! It's slowly getting warmer outside (with a few final insults of snow and freezing temperatures mixed in) and that can only mean one thing: SQL Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin is fast approaching – it's actually this Saturday! I'm very proud to once again be on the schedule to present at one of my favorite SQL Saturdays. Not only is it relatively close to home for me, but the University of Wisconsin-Madison makes for a wonderful venue!

My presentation is entitled "Supercharging Your Backups and Restores For Fun and Profit", and covers the various methods that can be used to increase the speed of SQL Server database backups. You may be familiar with query tuning, but did you know that backups and restores can be tuned in a similar way? This demo-intensive session will discuss the different phases of the backup and restore processes, how to determine which of them are the slowest, and which are the easiest to speed up. Cutting backup and restore times by 75% or more is entirely possible by using the methods covered in this session.

I hope to see you there!