Proud To Be A 2015 Friend of Red Gate!

I am very fortunate to have been accepted as a Friend of Red Gate for a second year!

If you're not familiar with "FoRG", Friends of Red Gate work with the Red Gate development and product teams to provide feedback on existing products, new tools, and feature enhancements. You can also find us speaking at events and writing articles on Red Gate tools and how they have saved our bacon and allowed us to accomplish our tasks more quickly.

Red Gate is a tremendous organization. Not only do they make some amazing tools and books, but they're also very community-oriented. They sponsor many functions such as user group meetings and SQL Saturdays, and also put on events of their own such as SQL in the City, which I loved attending and later presenting at. Red Gaters are also incredibly receptive to feedback, yet another reason why their products are just plan awesome.

Thanks so much, Red Gate! I'm looking forward to another great year of being a friend, sharing my thoughts, and learning a ton from other friends and your amazing staff!