2011 Goals Update: Midyear Edition

Back in January, the T-SQL Tuesday topic was about our "techie resolutions", and I was happy to contribute my list. As of today, 2011 is half over (already?!?) so it's time to check on my progress.

Speak More – So far this year the only SQL Saturday I've made it to was #67 in Chicago, which I helped to plan. I'm hoping I have the time to make it to one more before the year's out, but it will definitely be after my wedding in August.

Travel More – No progress on this one either. 0/2 is not a great way to start things off, is it?

Become eligible to take the MCM exam – Done! I passed 70-451 in April and am now eligible to sit for the MCM exam. I'm not quite sure when I'll do that yet, but I'm proud to have the option!

Dartboard Attend training – Also done. In May I was extremely fortunate to attend the SQLskills Immersion Event in Chicago. I really couldn't ask for anything better in the training department. I'm 2 for 4 now on completed goals – getting better!

Keep up the blogging – I've been doing my best, though the new job I started in May has put a dent in my blogging. June was pretty pathetic with only 1 post, and I'm not proud of that. I have plenty of ideas, I just need more time to type. Here's to hoping I can come back strong in the second half of the year!

Learn IO – I haven't done this yet, but my new position is ripe with opportunity to do so, as it looks like we'll be getting a new SAN this year. w00t!

Help out more – I've been as active as possible on the #sqlhelp hash tag, but still not as much as I would like.

All in all I think I've made some decent progress, but there's still plenty I hope to accomplish. Thankfully I have 6 more months to do it!