The Bucket List

A while back, honorary SQL geek Sarah Sjolander (blog | twitter) posted her bucket list after watching the movie of the same name. I have yet to see that movie, but thought I'd share my own personal bucket list that (until now) resided only in my head. These items are listed in descending order of the possibility of them ever occurring. Enjoy!

  • Attend a Weird Al Yankovic concert – been wanting to get to one of Al's shows since I discovered his music in 4th grade
  • Go Skydiving – my mother will kill me
  • Visit Hoover Dam – and go on the most technical tour they offer!
  • Go Tornado Chasing – see entry on skydiving
  • Attend the PASS Summit
  • Speak at the PASS Summit
  • Visit the Sagrada Família – I'm an architecture nut like that
  • Author or co-author a book
  • Become a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server
  • Change a lightbulb on the top of one of the Sears Tower's antennae – heights don't bother me, and the view would be amazing!

So that's my bucket list. What's on yours?