I’m Speaking at Data Platform Discovery Day!

I'm always honored to be chosen to present at events, but I'm especially happy to be speaking at the first ever Data Platform Discovery Day!

Data Platform Discovery Day Logo

Data Platform Discovery Day is "A free one-day virtual conference introducing you to the Microsoft Data Platform", and it's new this year. It's actually 2 days, consisting of 10 sessions, each 50 minutes long. There's a U.S. edition taking place on April 29, and a European edition on April 30. Anyone can attend or speak at either edition, the only real difference is time zone convenience.

My Session

I'll be presenting a classic session entitled SSMS & T-SQL Tricks:

Are you always in search of ways to write better T-SQL code with less effort? Attend this session to see demonstrations of all the helpful gems SQL Server Management Studio has hiding in plain sight that will save you keystrokes, mouse clicks, and time while getting your work done. We will also cover useful T-SQL Scripts to make common tasks easier and faster, and solutions to frequently-encountered coding problems.

Whether you're a developer or a DBA, whether you do your work on-premises or in the cloud, attend this session to learn how easy it is to write better T-SQL code and save the day!

I'll be delivering this session at 2:00PM CDT on Wednesday April 29. But there's so much more than just me, the team has put together two awesome schedules (US and EU!)

Registration is Open!

If this sounds interesting to you, register today! Registration is open right now! Again there's separate registration for the EU and US events:

I'm really looking forward to this and hope to see you there!