Speaking in Boston in December!

I'm very happy to be travelling to the Boston area in a few weeks! I will be speaking at the New England SQL User Group, which meets in Burlington, Massachusetts, on Wednesday December 12, 2018.

I will be delivering my session Locks, Blocks, and Snapshots: Maximizing Database Concurrency. This takes a look at SQL Server’s available isolation levels, what they are, how they differ, and why the default setting of “read committed” may not be appropriate for your workload. I'll also have some demonstrations that show how different isolation levels can determine not only the performance, but also the result set returned by a query. And on top of that, I'm going to make it all entertaining as well!

I'm really looking forward to this presentation (and also to grabbing some great chowder while in town!) and I hope you can join us on Wednesday, December 12. You can register and find further details here!