Speaking at SQLSaturday #50: East Iowa 2010

I feel extremely honored to have the chance to speak at SQLSaturday #50, which is taking place in Iowa City on September 18th.  The organizers have put together a great schedule consisting of some amazing speakers and somehow I got on the list too!

I'll be giving a talk called "Application Coding Sins."  As I've mentioned before, I was an application developer for about two years before I became a DBA, and still do development work on my own.  In my previous job, I spent a bunch of time writing application code to access and update databases, and even more time re-writing abysmal code that was there long before me.  I came across a lot of terrible ways to do things, and I look forward to sharing those experiences in hopes that others can prevent them from happening.

Should you want to attend, rumor has it there's still some spots open as of when this post went live.  Check out the registration page for more info, and for the very latest, be sure to follow the Twitter hashtag #sqlsat50, especially on the day of the event!